why is the ford transit so popular

Why is the Ford Transit so popular?

There’s nearly 100,000 Ford Transits sold every year in the UK. The vehicle is so popular that ‘Transit’ has become an eponym – it’s used every day by people to describe any type of large white van. Spend five minutes beside any main road at rush hour and you’ll see dozens of them. There can’t be a tradesman or contractor out there who hasn’t at some point driven a Transit. And it’s got even wider appeal.

The Metropolitan Police once famously described it as the perfect getaway vehicle after claiming it was used in 95% of bank raids. Fans of The Sweeney will know this is true.

The van was launched to a real fanfare in the mid-1960s and it’s an appeal which has endured. But why is the Ford Transit so popular even today with so much competition and choice from other vans including Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Vauxhall Vivaro, VW Transporter and others?

A versatile workhorse

Reliable, powerful and customisable. The Ford Transit is truly versatile and ideally suited for a whole range of commercial uses. There can’t be many trades, businesses or organisations which don’t have a use for a Transit. And straight from the showroom there are so many different options available. Whatever your business you can drive away from the forecourt with the perfect vehicle. You can choose from long or short wheelbases, double cabs, different roof heights and lengths and a choice of engines. But that’s not all.

Part of why the Ford Transit is so popular is the technology built into every vehicle. If you like your tech you’ll love Transits.  And let’s face it we all love gadgets whether we’re driving a small family car or a giant truck. And Ford has packed lots of gadgets and drivers aids into the Transit.

Automatic braking, lane assistant, pedestrian detection and even automatic high-beam headlights. And that’s just some of the safety features. Add the outstanding entertainment centres built into each cab including wi-fi hotspots and the Transit is certainly a vehicle built for churning out the miles.

Customisable Ford Transit

Even though the Transit is such a great van as standard it can be improved and made even more fit for purpose as its ideal for customising and converting. So many of these vehicles are brought to us because they are perfect for adding extra seating to take larger crews to sites.

One of the jobs we are often asked about is installing an extra row of seats behind the factory fitted seating. This doubles the capacity of the Transit making it even better for ferrying larger crews to jobs across the country.

This ability to be customised without affecting its factory performance is just another reason why the Ford Transit is so popular. In fact, it’s the third best-selling Ford in the UK behind the Fiesta and Focus. And there can’t be another commercial vehicle which has a higher profile and is such a household name than the Transit.

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Image credit – By Vauxford – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69870499

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