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Replacing bus seat covers

As operators of any commercial passenger vehicles know, and customers don’t always appreciate, keeping those vehicles on the road, safe and comfortable is a big challenge. The logistics of operating a bus, coach or minibus are complicated. It’s also expensive and time consuming. Even a single passenger vehicle needs a lot of resources to keep it running.

The mechanical side is where the majority of cash is tied up but of course there is also the wear and tear associated with heavy daily use. And one area which will always need attention are the vehicle’s seats.

Wear and tear on passenger vehicle seats

The covers on the vehicle’s seats will need replacing well before the seats themselves. It’s understandable and a natural consequence of operating a bus or coach. With heavy daily use those covers will take an awful lot of punishment.

The unavoidable wear and tear comes from been sat on by hundreds or thousands of passengers. Not to mention scuffs from people resting their feet, children picking at seams and the spills which they are subjected to on a daily basis. At least you no longer have to worry about burn holes from discarded cigarettes. Which is a small blessing.

Of course, wear and tear is an inevitable consequence of operating a passenger vehicle. Replacement bus seat covers will be factored into your budget and is one of those obvious but annoying costs of doing business.

But, like any expenditure, value for money and getting the best return for your investment is essential. Replacing your seat covers with long-lasting, high-quality, great value trims will save you money in the long term. Much of that value comes from choosing the right fabric.

Seat covers which are hard wearing, easy to clean and resistant to infection are a great investment. They have a high life value and repay the initial outlay many times over. A good quality seat covering will last far longer and be much more cost effective than a lower cost, low grade option.

Replacing bus seat covers

As we’ve discussed above replacing or retrimming bus seat covers will be an ongoing project for operators. But it’s one of those areas where making the right choices can make small gains which add up to a positive difference on the bottom line.

At Alpha Seating we’ve been retrimming passenger seating for around 20 years. We have a huge range of trims and can of course supply any custom seat covers you may need for your vehicles.

We use vinyl or Just Colour fabrics which are especially suitable for bus seats as they are hard wearing and available in dozens of different colours. Not only that. They are guaranteed, are contract grade Crib 5 as standard and are antimicrobial. Made to the highest manufacturing standards and specifications our seat trims are used in hundreds of buses, coaches and minibuses up and down the country.

We can supply seat covers on a very fast turnaround and of course we provide a full after sales service. You can see our full range of seat trims here.

Get in touch with Alpha Seating

We have an experienced team of expert craftsmen and everything we supply is manufactured here in our Leicestershire premises. We’re always happy to help so if you need any further information or advice on choosing the right trims for your passenger vehicle don’t hesitate to send us an email or pick up the phone for an informal chat. You can reach us on 01455 856 816.

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