Seats for Sprinter van conversions

Since the mid-nineties the Mercedes Sprinter has been one of the most popular light commercial vehicles used by British contractors. Possibly only the Ford Transit is a more common sight on UK roads. Certainly, we can tell by the number of contractors getting in touch with us asking for seats for Sprinter van conversions that the vehicle is as popular as ever. It definitely follows the trend we’re seeing that more vehicle owners are carrying out crew cab conversions and adding extra seating to their vans.

Stuck in traffic again?

If you’re running a contracting business, you already understand the issues that can crop up when it comes to getting all your workers on site. Fate often intervenes and getting to work can be a challenge. Traffic jams, broken down vans, faulty sat-nav. The list goes on. You need to show up on time, every time. Your business reputation depends on it. But it isn’t always an easy job getting everyone, together with equipment, onsite at the same time especially when you are using more than one vehicle.

Something that can improve your ability to ensure your workers arrive on site together is by having extra capacity in your own Sprinter van to get them there. You can do this by adding extra seating into your work van. It saves time and money, and you won’t need to have multiple work vans on your business insurance. All your crew and equipment will arrive at the same time. No more hanging around waiting for a second vehicle.

While adding extra seating to your Mercedes Sprinter might seem like the perfect solution, there is one minor drawback – you will have less cargo space. So, it’s a bit of a grade-off.  But of course you can always add removable seats.

What you need to know about Sprinter van conversions

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that getting everyone to the site at the same time is desirable. And adding extra seating is an easy solution. But there’s a few things you need to consider before dashing out and buying new seats or searching for Mercedes Sprinter van conversions on the net.

Not all van seats are created equal

As with any product the quality of van seats available on the market varies massively. You can make sure you’re starting off on the right foot by ensuring the van seats you buy are fully compliant with current safety and manufacturing standards.

It’s imperative you ensure the seats you buy are compliant with the rules and regulations. Safety is paramount. Your seats should meet all current UK and EU standards, And, of course, you should always buy British. Not only will quality be superior to foreign imports if you buy direct from the manufacturer aftersales support is so much better and more convenient.

As a final word on standards and compliance. Never assume that van seats purchased online are going to meet the legal requirements. Do your due diligence on the supplier or manufacturers. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of your workers.

Trusted Suppliers

It might be tempting to buy van seats from cheap manufacturers, or from auction websites. After all everyone loves a bargain. But you can’t be sure of condition or quality. Be especially aware of private sellers or those operating from their home or garage. They will often import their stock and, while it looks superficially fine, they may not meet British or EU standards. Not to mention the quality of manufacture may be lacking.

Always buy from a trusted supplier. Or go straight to the manufacturer. AlphaSeating having been manufacturing van seating here in the UK for many years and are happy to supply any number of seats from 1 to 100 either fixed or tip up seating.

Rails and Accessories

Once you’ve chosen compliant, safe seating, it’s not time to skimp on quality. Choose the right fitting kit for your chairs. Securing your chairs to the vehicle is part and parcel of their safety. Your seatbelt and anchors should be of the highest quality too. Again, you can buy these direct from manufacturers such as AlphaSeating.


Not all seats are suitable for all vehicles. This means it is possible to buy seats that aren’t going to fit into your van. The seats for your Sprinter van conversion will need to match the specifications of the vehicle. This is another reason to avoid purchasing the seats from abroad, or from auctions. You can be sure that you are purchasing the right thing when you buy directly from a manufacturer who has been making seats for these vehicles for many years.

Check out our full range of van seating here. If you need any further information don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 01455 856 816 or you can use our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you. Don’t forget all our seating is made here in Leicestershire by skilled UK craftsmen.

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