Replacement Passenger Seating

Find the perfect seats for your commercial vehicle

Minibus, coach, taxi or emergency services. Whatever the class of your vehicle – M1, M2 or M3 – at some point you’ll need replacement passenger seating. Most commercial vehicles, especially those used in the public transport industry, take plenty of punishment. And the seats take the brunt of it. Heavy wear and tear is a natural consequence of regular use so it makes sense to make sure your replacement passenger seating is of the highest quality. The better the quality the longer the seats will last and the lower the cost of life will be.

Choosing your replacement passenger seating

Much will depend on your vehicle of course. Whether you’re replacing the seats in a minibus, refurbishing a taxi or converting a van to carry more crew you do have plenty of choice. You can replace like for like or create a new layout.

But, depending on the class of your vehicle, you can choose between single, double or triple seats and either static or tip up versions:

Single highback passenger seating

Ideal for all classes of vehicles. Single seats are supplied in different cushion widths and all are fitted with integral standard lap and diagonal seat belts. The finished cushion widths are 400, 425, 450, 475 & 500mm for single units. Single seats are also available in semi-highback versions.

Double highback passenger seating

A practical and versatile solution for all classes of vehicles. More cost effective than banks of single seats they come complete with three-point seat belts. Available as highback or semi highback seats with a variety of leg heights and can be used with the most popular Unwin or NMI rails and fixtures.

Triple replacement passenger seating units

For M2 or M3 class vehicles the larger triple seating units allow you to meet passenger capacity in the most cost-effective way. Available in highback or semi highback varieties and with or without headrests.

Triple units are fitted with three-point seat belts and you can choose the leg height to suit your vehicle.

Single tip up seats

The ultimate space savers and ideal for public transport vehicles as well as works vans which need more cargo space. Single tip up seats can be fitted into any class of vehicle and are available in highback and semi highback styles. You can also choose rear facing tip up seats. With a cushion width of 325mm this type of seat is most suited for work vans or passenger vehicles with restricted space.

Discover your new seats at Alpha Seating

Here at Alpha Seating we design, manufacture and supply all the seating you’ll need for your vehicle. All the replacement passenger seating available from Alpha Seating is compatible with Unwin rails and fittings. You also have multiple leg height options to choose from along with an extensive choice of trims.

All our seats are manufactured in our UK factory and comply with the most stringent EU standards. You can find our full range of replacement passenger seating here or don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call us on 01455 856816 if you need any further information.

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