Aftermarket Van Seats

Choosing aftermarket van seats

Work vans by definition take a lot of punishment. They are used every day, do countless miles and suffer inevitable wear and tear. It’s a full-time job keeping your vehicle in tip top shape and of course ensuring the van is mechanically sound is absolutely essential. A vehicle which is off the road is costing you lost revenue and any repairs will be draining the bank account. Understandably mechanical maintenance tends to be a priority for all van owners and operators.

But, the interior of a works van also suffers from a lot of wear and tear. Especially the seats. Obviously used on a daily basis they also get regularly subjected to tools being dropped on them and stained from food and drink.

Naturally then there comes a time, either through necessity or desire for change, that you’ll want to replace the seats in your van. They may be sagging, broken or need replacing for any number of reasons. But it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll be looking for aftermarket van seats. And, just like when you’re replacing an engine part or applying a new paint scheme, you’ll want to choose the best.

That means choosing the best quality seats – ones that will be cost effective, reliable and robust. You don’t want to be replacing them again a few months down the line. But where do you begin?

Choosing your new aftermarket van seats

Just like you’d never think of using cheap initiation parts in the engine or remoulds for tyres you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to choosing aftermarket van seats. Yes, there is plenty of choice out there, and with lots of imported products on the market prices can be low. But there’s more than price to think about when choosing your new seats.

Specialist manufacturers

There’s plenty of factories producing all kinds of van accessories including seating. Especially abroad and in the far east. But for your aftermarket van seats you need to match, or better, the quality of factory seating which were originally fitted in the vehicle.

By going to a specialist British manufacturer like Alpha Seating you’ll be buying from an established name with vast experience in making seats for big names such as Ford, Mercedes and Renault. With decades of expertise and being a specialist seat manufacturer, you know you won’t find a better product anywhere.

Quality as standard

The very least you’d expect from your aftermarket van seats is that they are manufactured to all EU and UK standards. When you buy from a British manufacturer you know your new seating will comply with all relevant regulations. You won’t get that peace of mind when you buy imports or from online auction sites.

Made to measure

With many years’ experience of making seating for the biggest brands around Alpha Seating know how to produce seats for any popular vehicle. There’s no such thing as one size fits all and by buying quality seating from a British manufacturer you know you’re going to get a high-quality seat which, for want of a better phrase, will fit your van like a glove.


Well, we had to come back to cost at some point. And price is definitely something that needs to be considered. But cheap low-quality seats, like cheap engine parts or tyres, is a false economy.

With cheap van seats you very much get what you pay for. Usually imported products they have a very brief lifespan and are made from low quality materials. High-quality British made van seats will last longer and prove to be far more cost-effective than low cost products.

For all your aftermarket van seats contact Alpha Seating on 01455 856 816 for an informal chat.

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