Aftermarket Mercedes Sprinter van seats

If you have a Mercedes Sprinter, especially if you’ve owed it for some time or acquired it second hand, at some point you’ll need to replace or upgrade the seats. The driver and passenger seats take a lot of punishment over the years with the wear and tear inevitably leading to them becoming unfit for purpose.

But aftermarket seats are not only needed as upgrades. They can be brand new additions if you convert the van to take more passengers. We’ll discuss crew cab conversions later in this article. But firstly, let’s look at replacing the factory fitted driver’s and passenger seating.

Replacement seats

Whether you’re looking for single, double or triple units don’t compromise on quality. Cheap seats are a false economy which will end up costing more in the long run. Cheap foreign imports have a short lifecycle and could cause issues with drivers and passengers suffering aches and pain from poorly designed and manufactured seats.

Look for seats from a manufacturer which uses high-quality materials and are made to EU and UK standards. Make sure they are fitted with three-point safety belts and are sold with the necessary fixing kits.

Finally, only buy from a manufacturer who is experienced in making van seats specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter. Alpha Seating are specialists who have worked on hundreds of Mercedes vans.

Crew cab conversions

Probably the most common reason to buy aftermarket van seats is for crew cab conversions. An ideal way to increase the versatility of your vehicle a crew cab conversion adds extra seating capacity to the van.

The most common conversion is to add a bank of three seats behind the driver’s seat. Other options include one or two-seater units to the rear or side of the van. The advantages of a crew cab conversion are immediately apparent. The extra capacity allows more workers to be transported to the site saving the costs and inconvenience of a second vehicle.

When choosing the new seats for a crew cab conversion the first thing to consider is whether they will be removable. Being able to take the seats out when required frees up extra cargo space when required.

The most common solution we supply here at Alpha Seating is a bank of three seats mounted on rails. These seats can be easily taken out when required. Available as either highback or semi-highback versions in a width of 1220mm the seating can be supplied with optional leg heights. Fitted with three-point safety belts this triple unit is perfect for a Mercedes Sprinter.

Made in our own factory this triple seating unit is manufactured to the highest UK and EU standards. Guaranteed quality and comfort it’s the ideal addition to your Sprinter.

Aftermarket Mercedes Sprinter van seats

Whether you’re looking to upgrade factory fitted searing or you’re carrying out a conversion Alpha Seating have the products you need. We’ve been making custom van seating for two decades in our Leicestershire premises and our seats are the best quality you’ll find. We’re always happy to talk over any project so feel free to call us on 01455 856 816 anytime for a no obligation chat.

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