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5 easy ways to upgrade your Transit van

The Ford Transit. Everyone loves them. There are tens of thousands of them on UK roads. Look at the rush hour traffic in any British city and every other commercial vehicle seems to be a Ford Transit. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. But the point stands. Many contractors would be lost without their Transit (pun intended). If this is you, it only makes good sense to look after it and, when you can, upgrade your Transit van to make your mobile workspace even more comfortable and fit for business. After all you spend hour after hour, mile after mile in the vehicle.

Five easy ways to upgrade your Transit van

1 Install high security locks

Not an upgrade that will increase your comfort but one that will give you much needed peace of mind. Commercial vehicles of any stripe are ripe targets for thieves. It’s the unfortunate world we live in. And Ford Transit vans are always going to attract unwanted attention. ‘No valuables left overnight’ stickers won’t deter anyone. But high security locks will.

There are some amazing anti-theft locks out there now and specialist companies to fit them for you. Yes, there is an expense but upgrading the locks is such a good investment. Not only will they defeat the vast majority of thieves but they will save the expense and inconvenience of replacing stolen items, repairing damaged doors, missing work and increased insurance premiums.

2 Fit larger tyres

Probably the easiest way of all to upgrade your Transit van. Fitting the largest tyres possible on the stock wheel will increase the traction delivering a safer and more comfortable ride over any terrain. Larger tyres will also increase ground clearance which is always a plus on busy construction sites.

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3 Upgrade the seats

Replacing worn or tired seats is a no-brainer. You spend an awful lot of time in your van. Those seats take a lot of punishment and so do you. You need to be comfortable, secure and sitting in the correct posture. All those miles will take their toll on your back.

Replacing the van  seats with a high-quality British made replacement will ensure your comfort for mile after mile. It’s an economical and cost-effective way to upgrade your Transit van and one of those small improvements which actually make such a big difference.

4 Jazzy new graphics

The exterior of any commercial vehicle takes an absolute hammering. The good old British weather sees to that. Over time the graphics on the van fade, peel or simply become tired. Or, and this happens so often, a few months down the line after getting those great new graphics you stand back and say to yourself: “What on earth was I thinking?”

Whether you want a completely new set of graphics or are replacing ones that have become tired, new designs will give the van a fresh and clean look. Which is always a good idea as the van is your own mobile publicity machine. You need it to look at its best for potential customers.

5 Add shelving and storage

Depending on what you use the vehicle for adding shelving or storage solutions is a great way to upgrade your Transit van. New storage will add versatility, help increase efficiency by keeping all tools and equipment organised and ready to use, and will tidy up the cargo area of the vehicle. There are specialist companies out there who have developed some ingenious ways to build storage into any vehicle but the Transit in particular is absolutely ideal for these conversions. Again, there is obviously an initial outlay but adding shelving and storage will definitely be a worthwhile investment.


Image credit – Vauxford / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

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