Ford Transit Crew Cab Conversions

Whether you have a new vehicle or an older van sometimes you need to adapt it to perform a new role. Or at least to make it more versatile. One of the best vehicles for this is the Ford Transit. It’s a popular van of course and many of our customers come to us looking to adapt their Transit to carry more passengers by adding an extra row of seats. These Ford Transit crew cab conversions are very popular and if you’re thinking about going down this route, or wondering why you should bother, here are just some of key things to consider.

Why add extra seats to your work van?

In a word? Practicality. Adding extra seats to the back of your van will allow you to transport workers and tradesmen to sites without the need to use an extra vehicle. Saving you time and money. You’ll save the cash by not having to run another vehicle or insure extra drivers. And of course, being able to keep all your team in one vehicle will also have benefits such as ensuring everyone arrives at the site at the same time. No one gets left behind and you don’t have the nightmare scenario of one van arriving and the other with all the gear rocking up 45 minutes late.

There can be a downside to adding extra seats. The additional row of seating will reduce cargo space for carrying goods. If you regularly use the full capacity of your van’s cargo area for carrying equipment, adding seats may not be practical. That said, it is possible to add removable seats. And this is a solution which many contractors are happy with. Again, it increases the versatility of the Transit. Or any other make of van for that matter.

Why the Ford Transit is ideal for a crew cab conversion

Ford Transits are incredibly popular vans to convert or upgrade. Their design makes them ideal for adapting to multifunction use. And of course, they are the perfect vehicle in so many ways. Roomy. Reliable. Comfortable. Great value for money. The list really does go on and on.

Which is why we see so many Transits on the road. But adding extra seating is one of the most popular and easy conversions to carry out esp[ecially in vehicles such as the Ford Transit Connect.

Choosing the new seats

Ford Transit crew cab conversions typically involve adding three seats. As mentioned earlier, these can be removable.

It’s important that you choose the right type of seating. The main factors to consider are safety, comfort and overall quality of manufacture.

Safety is a no-brainer. You have to protect anyone who travels in your vehicle. It’s always worth opting for seatbelts (seat belts in the back of a van are not required by law, but are strongly advised).

Comfort will ensure your passengers enjoy their ride to work. It could also be important for morale and even reducing RSIs if you regularly take the same team on long journeys.

As for the quality of manufacture, this matters for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you want seats to stay intact and not be easily damaged. Works vans take a lot of punishment – both inside and out. So, your seats need to be robust. Secondly, it will keep your seating looking good, which could be important if you ever plan to sell your van or if you have to transport a client.

Why you should always buy UK manufactured seats

When trying to carry out Ford Transit crew cab conversions on the cheap, many companies make the mistake of buying seating from other countries. Yes, you can find low cost imports. But cheap isn’t always the way to go. This seating may not always comply with UK safety regulations, making it unfit for use. On top of this, there may be materials or processes used in the manufacture of the seating that just wouldn’t be allowed in the UK.

When you choose to buy from AlphaSeating, you’re guaranteed seating that complies with UK regulations. All our seats are made to comply with all UK and EU standards. For more information contact us on 01455 856 816.

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