Why your van is great marketing tool

It’s easy to think of the works van as simply a way of transporting you and your tools, cargo, or staff from place to place. But the van can be so much more. As well as a mode of transport it’s one of the best ways to market your business or services to a wider audience. What’s more, how you present your van will have a direct impact on how people view your business.

An unkempt and dishevelled looking van isn’t going to help your reputation but one that is clearly branded and looks the part will certainly give your rep a boost. And every time you drive down the street or along the motorway your van is advertising your business and you never know who is going to see it and respond to your messaging.

Using your works van for advertising

Your van is a blank canvas onto which you can add branding to advertise your business. One of the main reasons that this is so important is that it will instantly let people know what you do. Whether you’re a plumber, plasterer or dog walker, colourful and eye-catching branding instantly gets your message across to hundreds if not thousands of people every day. So much easier, cheaper, and far more effective than advertising in the local paper.

The more eye-catching you can make your van wrap, the more likely it will be that people will remember it and contact you when they need a tradesperson in your niche. It is statistically proven that people are 60% more likely to buy from a company that they’ve heard of so getting your business’s name out there is essential in boosting sales and becoming a trusted company.

Moreover, when you arrive at a client’s home or business, they’ll immediately see how professional your business is. Turning up in a tired-looking, unbranded van doesn’t give a very good first impression of what you’re offering. And while that may seem unfair, it’s indisputable that many of us do judge a book by its cover. Or, in this case, a tradesperson by their van.

Using your van as an advertising medium is usually more cost effective than TV ads, newspaper ads or social media advertising. You’ll incur a one-off charge from a van wrapping company to apply the branding and then you’re done. A wrap will last for years and is very affordable.

If you’re willing to invest a little more money, you might consider purchasing a private registration plate that is in keeping with your business. This can get very costly but if you stick with the proper DVLA registration plate format, it’ll only cost a few hundred pounds at most. It’s only a small thing but it can make your van and business more memorable.

The importance of keeping your van clean and presentable

As well as branding your van, it’s important to keep it looking spic and span. Imagine you have hired a carpet cleaning service, for example, and the person turns up in a van that looks as though it’s seen better days. Your first impressions are going to be that this isn’t a business that really cares about its reputation and you might even question their ability to perform the job as expected.

This is why it is so important to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on your van so that it gives the impression of a company that cares about how it presents itself. This might include regular washing of the van exterior as well as ensuring that there are no signs of rust or damage to the body, wheels and other external features.

But keeping the inside of your van clean and presentable is just as important. There is a potential that clients may see inside your van and if it is messy, dirty, and disorganised this isn’t going to do your reputation any favours.

Be sure to keep everything clean and in place inside the van and take good care of the interior components. Pay special attention to the seats and seat covers as when these get dirty, it can impact the aesthetic of the entire interior. Regularly clean the seating and replace your van seat covers when necessary.

You can even go as far as bringing the branding from the outside into the van. You might invest in branded seat covers and other items as this will give far more consistency and show that you really mean business.

Let’s wrap this up (pun intended)

Your work van is so much more than just a method of transport. It’s important to make the most of the marketing potential that your vehicle brings. Your van can be used to advertise your business in a striking and eye-catching way. When travelling around, external branding will bring attention to your business and leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees it.

Moving inside your van, it’s essential to keep everything clean and well maintained as this speaks volumes about how you treat your business.

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