Renault trafic crew cab conversion

Renault Trafic crew cab conversions

As one of the more spacious vans on the market, the Renault Trafic has quickly become a popular choice for fleet owners, contractors and the self-employed. Built for reliability and robustness and complemented by serious comfort, there isn’t much that the Trafic doesn’t offer. But a crew cab conversion can elevate the vehicle even more by delivering more versatility and extra passenger capacity.

Why convert your van?

A crew cab conversion will add more seats to your Renault Trafic van but a full conversion is much more than that. Of course, extra seating is included but a full crew cab conversion will include a physical partition between the drivers cab and the cargo area. It could also include new side windows to provide light and visibility for the extra passengers along with a raised floor and possibly side panels.

So, that’s what a crew cab conversion entail, but why do it? What are the advantages in spending the money on converting your Trafic? In a nutshell it will increase the versatility of the vehicle and save your business money.

The main advantage of course is that you’re adding extra passenger capacity but you can still maintain a dedicated cargo area. Yes, the load capacity will be reduced but unless you’re a courier or regularly transporting bulky items this shouldn’t be an issue if planned carefully.

The extra seating allows more crew to be transported at once saving the need for a second vehicle and also ensuring everyone arrives onsite together and on time.

Carrying out a cab conversion on your Renault Trafic increase comfort and increase the cost efficacy of the vehicle. Adding the conversion usually works out much cheaper than buying a ready-made crew van or having another van. Plus of course you’re saving on the extra costs associated with a second vehicle; purchase price or leasing fees, insurance, maintenance etc.

Our role in your Renault Trafic crew cab conversion

As specialist passenger seat manufacturers, we are able to provide the seating for your Renault Trafic crew seat conversion. We make all our seating in our Leicestershire factory to the highest UK and EU criteria and with the best possible materials.

No matter whether you need single, double triple seats, fixed or tip up, we can make them to order for your vehicle. For more information, a no-obligation quote or an informal chat call us on 01455 856 816.

A brief history of the Renault Trafic van

Initially launched in 2001, the Renault Trafic continued undergoing transformations until 2014. The van now comes in a choice of six body styles making it suitable for a wide range of needs. But this wasn’t the first time that the world had seen the van.

In 1980, the original Trafic was launched and this model kept receiving overhauls until the mid-90s. Originally, these vans were fitted with various different engines which affected the front-end shape and style.

By the end of the 80s, the Trafic had received a serious facelift and revisions were made to the front end specifically. However, by the year 2000, the van was no longer produced in its original state. It was after this that the second generation Trafic was born and this is the van we know and love today.

Why is this a popular van?

One of the main reasons that the Renault Trafic has become such a popular van is that it is incredibly reliable. Alright, we will admit that there are some vans out there whose safety features are as impressive, but everything else about the Trafic is on a par with other vehicles such as the Transit.

Many would consider this to be one of the best medium-sized vans on the market today, not to mention it boasts a very sleek and stylish appearance. With LED headlights and a chrome grille, this isn’t your normal work vehicle and appeals to a more high-end buyer.

The Renault Trafic also benefits from an upgraded and fully compliant diesel engine, as of 2019 which is a major selling point.

In the most current model, there are some amazing bits of tech inside the cab and this appeals hugely to the modern user. Take, for example, the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility as well as the built-in Sat Nav and voice control functions.

Who uses the Renault Trafic van?

The Renault Trafic is popular with contractors and businesses looking for reliability. Since there are panel vans and crew vans, the Trafic is used by several different types of businesses including couriers, removal services, construction workers and many more.

The panel van comes in a choice of sizes giving you loading volumes between 3.2 and 8.6 cubic metres.

Don’t forget you can always call us for an informal, no-obligation chat on 01455 856 816 and we’ll be happy to talk about all the options you have on upgrading or replacing your van seats,




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