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10 reasons to replace your van seats

We all know the importance of regular maintenance and will have a schedule to which the mechanics of our vans are overhauled. Whether its routine maintenance, regular servicing or the annual MOT our vehicles are well looked after to ensure they remain on the road and generating income for our business.

But we probably don’t pay as much attention to the interior of the vehicle. Yes, we’ll keep it clean or tidy (or at least we know we should) but one thing we may not consider as often as we should is the state of the van’s seats.

Looking after the seats is so important. After all, we spend an awful lot of time sat on them and they can very easily become worn, dirty and even unsafe. We want and need to get maximum use and life out of our vehicles and replacing the van seats is an often-overlooked way to increase the longevity of our vans.

Never thought about replacing your van seats? Here’s ten reasons why you should.

1 Safety

Seats that are old or worn are quite likely to have sustained damage from heavy use and so may not offer the correct support for the user.

This might be in terms of how the seat supports your posture when driving or being a passenger but more importantly it may also mean that the van seat is unable to offer the right protection in the event of an accident. Installing new van seats will ensure that you and your passengers are completely safe and reduce the risk of back pain in both drivers and passengers.

2 Increase the value of your van

It’s no secret that vehicles depreciate in value very quickly but taking good care of them will ensure they retain as much value as possible. While you’re never going to be able to sell the van for as much as you purchased it for, replacing the seats will mean that you can get the best price if you do decide to sell at some point.

If you do decide to replace the seats ensure you improve or at least maintain the quality of the seating. Aftermarket seating varies enormously in quality. Don’t be tempted by the false economy offered by cheap imports. Source your new van seats from trusted British manufacturers such as Alpha Seating.

3 Better first impressions

If your van seats are looking tired and worn, this isn’t going to give a very good first impression to customers. By replacing your van seats, you will improve the overall look and feel of the interior of your vehicle which will make it stand out for all the right reasons.

How you present your van will affect the reputation of you and your business so it’s massively important to have seats that let people know that you take pride in your business and your van. This is even more essential if clients are likely to get into the van.

4 Keeping the interior well maintained

It’s very important to maintain the inside of your van for a plethora of reasons. We’ve already talked about making a good first impression but you’ll want to keep your van looking its best for your own benefit as well.

You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your van so having somewhere safe, comfortable and pleasant to look at is a must. Moreover, keeping the inside of your van well maintained will ensure that everything has as long a service life as possible.

5 Greater comfort

The last thing you want when driving around for hours at a time is to feel uncomfortable. But old, worn seats aren’t going to feel good and they won’t offer the right support for your weight or your posture. If you suffer from back ache or other problems, it’s essential to have a seat that will provide the support you need.

Installing new van seats will change the way you feel when driving or sitting in your vehicle and for the sake of your physical health and comfort, we think it’s a crucial investment.

6 Improve your working environment

Nobody wants to be in an unpleasant working environment but with shoddy, dirty old van seats, you and your employees aren’t going to find it a joy being in the vehicle. A simple and affordable upgrade of your van seats will enhance the working environment.

These new seats will be much more comfortable and a lot safer. What’s more, they’ll look incredible and an aesthetically pleasing working environment is far more preferable than one that looks drab and dull.

7 Free up space

Replacing fixed position seating with tip up seats is a great space saver if you carry if you have extra seating in the cargo space of the vehicle.

You’ll be able to fold the seats down when travelling with other people but when you need to free up space in the back, the seats will fold away and are extremely compact. Essentially, you will be getting the best of both worlds. There are different types of tip up seats including forward mounted and rear facing so you can customise everything to your needs.

8 Personal flair

One of the greatest things about upgrading your van seats is that you can create a look that fits your personal style. For some businesses this might mean adding branded seat covers which is excellent if you want consistency with exterior van branding.

You also have a wide range of choices when it comes to fabrics. If your work gets pretty dirty then something like leather will be easy to wipe clean. If you want a more luxurious feel to the van then materials like suede are ideal. There’s really no limit on colour or style so let your imagination run wild. You can see our full range of trims for van seats here.

9 Easy to care for

The great thing about modern van seats is that they are so easy to look after. Many fabrics are treated so that they are resistant to stains so you won’t have the worry of excessive cleaning. Moreover, a lot of fabrics are tear resistant and so even when things get a little more demanding, you can feel confident in the durability of the seats.

When it comes to cleaning the seats, you’ll find a lot of products out there that are designed to work with the fabrics meaning that you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing. Maintaining your van seats has never been less of a chore.

10 Increase the number of seats

Some vans come with just two or three seats and while this is OK if you tend to use the vehicle alone, for many businesses, this simply isn’t enough. But the good news is that, when replacing your seats, there are a variety of options where adding extra seating is concerned.

You might opt for the tip up seats we talked about earlier but there are fixed options that allow you to carry more passengers; great if you work as part of a larger team. When doing a crew cab conversion, the seating options are endless and many companies will create bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

If you’re thinking about replacing your van seats with high-quality British made seating call 01455 856 816 for a no-obligation chat or drop us an email.


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