Unwin rails for van seats

Unwin rails are fixed to the floor of the van and used to fix seats into position. When converting a vehicle by adding extra seating Unwin rails are a reliable way to ensure the new van seats are fixed securely into position.

Here at Alpha Seating we recommend Unwin rails for use with all our van seats. The rails are incredibly well made and are very versatile in that they provide the flexibility in how the seating area can be laid out. This is especially important when the space in the back of the van is restricted. Rails allow you to optimise the layout of the new seating to ensure the seats fit comfortably while maximising the remaining cargo space including using tip up seats to increase cargo space.

Each rail has a track and when fitted this allows you not only to secure seats but any other tie-downs required. This allows you to move or install fixtures whenever you need to. It’s because of this versatility and the overall quality of manufacture that we recommend Unwin rails for van seats.

Along with Unwin rails you’ll need fixing kits for your van seats. We supply two types.

Choice of fixings for van seats

Depending on the kind of van conversion you’re doing you can choose either fixed or removable fittings for your seats. If you’re permanently converting your vehicle by adding extra seating the fixed kit provides a secure base for your seats.

However, if you want the versatility of being able to remove the extra seats when you need more cargo capacity a removable fixing kit would be an option for you. The main difference between the two types of fixings is that the removable fittings are made from 5mm steel plate rather than the lower profile 4mm plate used for fixed fittings.

We supply both types of fixing kits for use with all our van seats. But let’s look at each type in a little more detail.

Fixed fittings kits

The fittings in this kit are made from 4mm powder coated steel plate. Fittings include the top plate and two underfloor plates. The plates are fixed together with M10 bolts and locking nuts.

Removable fittings kits

Manufactured from laser cut 5mm powder coated steel. The kit comprises of a top plate with two underplates. M10 bolts and countersunk bolts fix everything in place.

Low profile Unwin rails

Whether you choose fixed or removable fittings all Unwin rails for van seats have a low profile which means they can be recessed into the van floor. This provides a neat and tidy finish.

Insist on high-quality van seats

In our opinion Unwin rails are the best solution for securing your van seats. But as well as choosing the best rails you should also make sure you only use the best quality seats.

Here at Alpha Seating we’ve manufactured van seating in our UK factory since 2002. Our seats have been fitted in hundreds of vans and commercial passenger vehicles.

We have different seats for M1, M2 and M3 class vehicles and all are manufactured to the highest EU standards. All our seats are rigorously tested before sale.

For more information about Unwin rails for van seats or to purchase new seating for your van or passenger vehicle call our friendly team on 01455 856816 or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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