builders back ergonomic van seats

Ergonomic van seats

There’s plenty of weird and surprising statistics out there. 18% of people claim to have seen a ghost. 9% of pet owners throw birthday parties for their four-legged friends. 11% of people in the UK want a robot baby. All those stats are a bit out there – and probably complete rubbish. But one statistic which is very much true, and one you may be included in, is that 70% of van drivers in the UK have taken time off work because of back pain. It’s a staggering statistic. That 2018 survey by Volkeswagen revealed those days off cost UK businesses £21billion every year. Which is why it’s so important to minimise the risk of back pain for you and your drivers. And ergonomic van seats have a huge part to play in that.

What are ergonomic van seats?

Ergonomics is basically adapting product designs to enable the people who use them to do so in a way which minimises discomfort and stress on the body. In other words products such as van seats are designed so that the driver can sit in them for extended periods without putting stress on their back. This reduces the risk of back pain. The end result is of course a healthier driver, less time off and less financial strain on the business. Ergonomic van seats should be high on the shopping list of every van driver, owner and fleet operator.

Builders Back

So serious has the issue of driver back pain become it has earned its own appellation. ‘Builders Back’ costs businesses an average of £500 per day. Some of the pain suffered by drivers is self-inflicted. Bad posture and getting the seat adjustment wrong are undoubtedly contributing factors. But design is more important. Choosing the correct ergonomic van seats for your vehicle will greatly reduce the risk of back pain.

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The best van seats feel as though they are moulded to the drivers back. They provide firm support, especially to the lower back region, but are made from high-quality materials for extra comfort. Sitting in a driver’s seat should be pain free – no matter how long the journey or how much time is spent behind the steering wheel.

Finding the right van seats

Choosing the right seats for your van is so important. Drivers spend up to seven hours a day in their vehicles. The threat of builders back is very real. But ergonomic van seats which provide the best lumbar support and a comfortable driving position will lessen the chance of back pain leading to greater productivity, less time off and, very importantly for any business, less of a financial hit.

Alpha Seating is a British manufacturer of van seats. We make all our seats in our Leicestershire factory and have done so for decades. All our products are made to the highest UK and EU standards. For expert advice or for an informal chat on choosing the best seats for your vehicle call our team on 01455 856 816 or use our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you. Make Builders Back a thing of the past with Alpha Seating.

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