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Vauxhall Vivaro crew cab conversions

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a relative newcomer to the light commercial vehicle scene. It first appeared in 2000 and was heavily based on the Renault Trafic.

The latest generation of the Vivaro is designed around the Citroen Dispatch.

There’s plenty of contractors and fleet owners out there who swear by their Vivaro. They prefer it to its more commonplace (and expensive) counterparts like the Mercedes Sprinter.

Vivaro owners point to the incredibly low emissions (something of a sore point with Mercedes), the fuel economy which keeps running costs low and the way the vehicle handles. A Vivaro definitely makes driving to work fun.

But, like any works van, the Vivaro does lend itself to customisation. Especially for projects such as crew cab conversions.

What are crew cab conversions?

They are all about making your van more efficient. The most common crew cab conversions involve adding extra seating behind the driver’s seat.

This arrangement of seating can be single, double or triple units. These units can be either fixed or removable.

As well as the extra seating your Vauxhall Vivaro crew cab conversion could include the addition of new windows along with extra lighting.

Depending on whether the new seats are fixed or removable new carpet and flooring may also be part of the conversion.

Benefits of Vauxhall Vivaro crew cab conversions

We mentioned above that a crew cab conversion will make your van more efficient. Let’s examine why in a little more detail.

Adding up to three additional seats can double the passenger capacity of the van. This has obvious benefits for the business owner.

More people can be delivered to the site in one go. This ensures the full crew will arrive together allowing everyone to begin work at the same time. It also of course removes the need for a second vehicle.

Only needing one vehicle has so many short and long-term benefits.

Only one lot of fuel is needed immediately saving money. And of course, in the long run the money saved on fuel, insurance, and maintenance will be considerable. Add to that the purchase or leasing costs and those savings go through the roof.

Other benefits include lower emissions from running one rather than two vehicles and the greater efficiency which results from having everyone arriving at the site at the same time.

No longer will workers be hanging around while they wait for their workmates or equipment which is being carried in a second vehicle.

A crew cab conversion will also make your Vivaro far more versatile. One of the drawbacks in adding extra seating is that the cargo area is reduced.

But, if the new seats are removable, they can be easily taken out when extra storage capacity is required.

This extra versatility is why crew cab conversions are such a popular project with van owners and operators.

How to carry out the conversion

There are many specialist companies out there who can carry out the work. But you can source the component parts yourself. And the most important of those is the new seating.

Don’t compromise on quality here.

The new seats must be made from the best materials and to the highest UK and EU standards. They need to be fitted with the right seat belts, have the correct fittings allowing them to be firmly anchored and designed for maximum comfort.

Buy high-quality British made seating from manufacturers like Alpha Seating who have been making van seats in their Leicestershire factory for over 20 years.

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