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Replacement passenger seating direct from the manufacturer

Keeping a fleet of buses, coaches or minibuses on the road takes a lot of work. All operators know that. Especially as older vehicles continue to clock up the miles with all the wear and tear that comes with it. Maintenance of the engine is constant; tyres and heating systems need to be maintained. And of course, the vehicle’s seating also needs to be looked after. The mechanical wear and tear can be managed by in-house mechanics or contractors but when the seating needs replacing you need to find a specialist supplier. But an alternative is to buy your replacement passenger seating direct from the manufacturer. There are so many reasons why you should do this. Especially in these economically challenging times.

Why you should buy your replacement passenger seating from the manufacturer

Cut out the middleman

Times are tough. Budgets need to be balanced. Costs trimmed and profits maintained. But quality can’t be compromised. To make sure you get the best quality seating at the best possible price cut out the middleman. Go straight to the manufacturer. You’ll make a big saving on each seat and when you’re kitting out a full bus or a number of buses those savings will mount up and make a massive difference to your bottom line.

High-quality seating

Low-cost low-quality seating is a false economy. Inferior seats will quickly need replacing resulting in further costs. High-quality replacement passenger seating purchased directly from the manufacturer is by far the most cost-effective route to travel.

But let’s be clear here. When we talk about buying direct from the manufacturer you should seek out UK makers. British manufacturers have to meet UK and EU standards and you can be assured you’ll receive a quality product. Especially from established companies like Alpha Seating who have been producing high-quality replacement passenger seating in their UK factory for many years. Buy British and rest assured you’ll receive the best possible seating for your vehicles.

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One stop shop

Buying your seating from the manufacturer also allows you to source all the accessories you need along with the seats. Fixing kits, rails and seat belts can all be purchased from manufacturers such as Alpha Seating. This means you maintain the quality and don’t have the worries about compatibility you have when buying from different suppliers.

Great track record

There are many manufacturers abroad, particularly in Asia, that produce passenger seating. These factories come and go as demand and margins change. Importers will source the seats they can make the biggest profit on. Again, this can change regularly.

But there are manufacturers in the UK who have been established for many years continually producing a high-quality product. These companies have a great track record and have built up a large number of satisfied customers who return to them year after year. When you’re thinking about a supplier for your replacement passenger seating always do your due diligence and don’t gamble on new or unknown manufacturers.

Customer service

When you need after sales support or even when placing the original order, it’s so much easier to deal with a UK based business. Yes, the world is a smaller place now but language barriers still exist as do different standards in customer service. Picking up the phone and talking to someone in Leicestershire is far easier than trying to sort out any issues with a call centre abroad.

Great choice of passenger seating

If you’re looking for replacement passenger seating contact Alpha Seating today. We have a great range of seats and of course we produce all our seating right here in our Leicestershire workshops. Feel free to contact us by email or pick up the phone for a chat. You can reach us on 01455 856 816.

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