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New Minibus Seats – Upgrading or Replacing

If you’re a minibus operator, whether you have a fleet or a single vehicle, you’ll come to a point when you need to replace aging or damaged seats. Or perhaps you want to upgrade the seating on a vehicle you’ve just acquired. Whatever the reason, finding new minibus seats isn’t all that straightforward. It’s not that there is a shortage of supply. Rather that the quality of seats available in the UK does vary enormously.

So, how do you ensure you source the best seats for your minibus? Here’s a few things to look out for, especially when you’re buying your new minibus seats online.

Make sure the seats will fit your vehicle

Now, I realise this comes under the ‘stating the obvious’ category but bear with me one second. When buying online make sure the website provides the full dimensions of the seat. Some sites or manufacturers only provide vague measurements and buying the wrong size seat will cause all kinds of inconvenience, lost time and extra expense. The more info you have the better. And don’t forget to check that the seats you’re looking at have the cushion width you need too.

Integral seat belts

Safety is paramount. No surprise there. Make sure the seats you’re considering have integral standard lap and diagonal seat belts. Ensure the seat belts are fitted according to UK and EU standards – more on which below.

Can child seats be easily added?

Not something which is applicable to all but many operators do need the option to add a child seat to their new minibus seats. Manufacturers such as Alpha Seating offer the option of including fixing bars which enable child seats to be installed quickly and easily. And just as easily removed.

Are the seats manufactured to current legal standards and thoroughly tested?

Unfortunately, there are some new minibus seats being offered for sale online that have been imported but are not manufactured to current UK and EU standards. There are legal, safety and insurance ramifications should low-quality non-compliant seating be installed in a commercial vehicle. Buy only from trusted manufacturers. Alpha Seating manufacture all our seats right here in our Leicestershire workshops and all are of course built to the highest UK and EU standards.

Can you find the accessories you need?

What about those finishing touches you need to increase passenger safety and comfort? It’s preferable, and much more convenient, to get everything you need at the same time you buy your new seating. Make sure the manufacturer can supply all the accessories you need including head rests, arm rests and even grab handles.

Fixing kits

As well as the seat you may need to replace or upgrade the fixings in your vehicle. Buying your fixing kits from the manufacturer of your new minibus seats makes perfect sense. Check the right fixing kit is available for your seat and that you can choose from either permanent or removable kits.

What about trims?

Well you need your seats to look good. Check that the manufacturer provides a range of different trims in easy to clean long-lasting materials.

What combinations of new minibus seats are available?

It may be that you’re looking for a single replacement seat, or you may need different combinations to fit out an entire vehicle. It’s not much use if the seats you chose are only available as single units if you need a double bank of seats. Check that your manufacturer of choice can supply a choice of seating including tip up versions.

Alpha Seating provides single, double, triple and tip up seats. You can see the full range here.

What about cost?

We’ll be happy to provide a quote for all your new minibus seating. Just call us on 01455 856816 or use the contact us form and we’ll be able to offer you the most competitive pricing you’ll find whether you need 1 or 100 seats.

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