renault trafic works van upgrades

Upgrading your Renault Trafic works van

It’s been around in one guise or another since 1980. The Renault Trafic makes an ideal works van. It’s won awards aplenty and has built up a great reputation as a robust and reliable workhorse. It’s exactly the kind of vehicle you need for the rigors of day-to-day commercial use.

But even a vehicle like the Renault Trafic works van can be improved and upgraded. But adding an extra something to your van needn’t cost the earth. Some upgrades can be achieved quickly and for relatively low cost. But even more expensive upgrades will pay for themselves in the long run. Let’s have a look at what you can do…

Popular ways to upgrade your Renault Trafic works van

Aftermarket seats

If there is one thing you can guarantee about seats in a works van is that they will need replacing at some point. It’s not surprising really. They take an awful lot of punishment. Countless backsides test the structure. They get bombarded with stains from food and drink. And heavy tools and equipment are routinely dumped on them. At some point you’re going to need some aftermarket seats.

New van seats from a specialist manufacturer will be better than the original. They’re also easy to install and, as they’ll last for years, are a very cost-effective upgrade.

Remember to buy British from a specialist manufacturer such as Alpha Seating.

Graphics wrap

Give your van a makeover. A smart looking vehicle with a shiny new wrap is a great advertising tool for your business. Conversely a tired looking van can put potential customers off. A new wrap will more than pay for itself by the added exposure your business gets from customers seeing your name and phone number as you drive up and down the high street.

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Crew cab conversion

A brilliant way to upgrade your Renault Trafic works van. A crew cab conversion for your Trafic makes the vehicle far more versatile. It’s also a very cost-effective upgrade which can make your business far more efficient and profitable.

A crew cab conversion adds seats to the back of the vehicle. This allows you to transport more workers to site, often saving on the cost of a second van. It also makes sure everyone gets to the job at the same time increasing efficiency. Because the new seats can be removable, they can be taken out when more cargo room is required. This means that essentially, you’re getting two vehicles for the price of one crew cab conversion.

The new seating can be floor mounted and fixed position or tip up seats.


Another quick and relatively cheap way to upgrade your Renault Trafic. Adding shelving and additional storage will help keep everything in the van organised. With the best of intentions, it isn’t always easy to keep a works van tidy. At the end of a long day everyone understandably just wants to get home. Putting tools and kit away isn’t always a priority and things tend to get slung in the back. Breakages do happen. Adding shelves is a great way to make it easy to put tools away at the end of the day.

Security locks

Not a cheap option but extra locks can more than pay for themselves in the long run. It’s a sad fact of life that works vans are prime targets for thieves. Adding extra security locks will deter all but the most determined thieves and is definitely an investment as well as an upgrade to your Renault Trafic works van.

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