Tip up van seats

Tip up seats – the ultimate space saver for your works van

Tip up seats are a great space saver. Practical and convenient they can be floor mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Just as comfortable as any other form of seating they can be stored in an upright position when not in use increasing the available storage space.

Why your van needs tip up seats

Most work vans and vehicles now have to be versatile. With costs so high a van needs to pay its way. By installing extra seating, a van suddenly becomes more versatile. And tip up seats fitted into the rear are a great way to make the vehicle.

Extra seats can be floor mounted even when space is restricted. For example, they can be to the body sides near the doors. They can also be fitted back-to-back with the driver’s seat as the ultimate space saver.

Installing extra seats will allow more crew to be carried to jobs. This often eliminates the need for a second vehicle which will save so much money on maintenance costs, hire or purchasing costs, fuel, insurance… the list goes on. Of course, when more storage is needed the seats can be left in the raised position.

The downside

There are possibly three downsides to installing new tip up seating. However, both can be mitigated and more or less turned into an advantage.

The first is obviously the upfront cost. While not the biggest expense your business will have you do of course have to find the cash to pay for the seats and their installation. There’s no getting away from it.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and there most certainly isn’t such a thing as a free van seat.

The second downside kind of relates to the first. Installing the seats takes time. And whilst this will typically only be a day or possibly two that is one or two days your van is out of action and not earning its keep.

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Again, there is a cost to the business here.

The only other downside is that you may have to update your insurance policy. If you’re replacing existing seats this may not be the case but if you are adding a brand-new seating arrangement you must notify your insurance company.

Adding extra seats is classed as modifying the vehicle and this will more than likely affect the premiums you’re paying. Of course, the standard advice here is to contact your insurers whenever you have any modifying work carried out on your work vans.

All these costs are unavoidable. But in the long run they will be offset by the vehicles increased efficiency and earning power as we discussed earlier in the article.

Which tip up seats should I buy?

Naturally enough you’ll want the best possible seat. One that is made for your make of van and that is comfortable, robust and complies with all regulations. It has to be the best. But you also want to make sure you get value for your money.

By going to a specialist manufacturer, you’ll know you’re going to get the right seat for your vehicle. But make sure the seat complies with industry standards, buy British, and ensure the seat is safety tested and includes integrated seatbelts.

Where can I buy tip up seats for my van?

Ok, we’re a little (a lot) biased here. But there is only one place to buy your new tip up seating from.

Here at Alpha Seating, we have been manufacturing high-quality tip up seats for vans and passenger vehicles for more than two decades. All our seats are made by skilled and experienced craftsmen right here in our Leicestershire workshops. Our seats are suitable for most makes of vehicle and we can provide custom seating if needed.

Each seat is made to comply with the highest UK and EU industry standards and goes through rigorous quality control checks before they leave the workshop.

You won’t find better seats available anywhere in the UK and we pride ourselves on our after sales service. If you need any advice, before or after purchasing your tip up seating from us, just pick up the phone.

We’re happy to talk and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. You can speak to us on 01455 856 816 or, if you prefer to send an email, use our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

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