Best minibus seats for all category vehicles

When upgrading or refurbishing your minibus seating the best seats are British made which comply with all EU standards, include integrated seatbelts, are manufactured to order, and are available with floor fixing kits and head rests.

As a minibus operator you’ll also add value for money and short lead times to your list. Of course, coming up with a list of desirables is all well and good but you have to find a manufacturer or supplier who can meet all the targets on your list.

Why you need new minibus seats

If you’ve purchased a pre-owned vehicle for your fleet one of the upgrades, you’ll be looking at is the seating. By their very nature pre-owned vehicles have wear and tear. The degree of that wear determines the price you pay but also how much work you have to do on the vehicle before putting it into service.

It may be that you just need to replace the trim to match your existing vehicles. The existing covers may be worn, faded and stained. Replacing them is an easy and relatively low-cost way to immediately upgrade the vehicle. New seat trims instantly make the vehicle more presentable.

Sometimes you’ll need to replace more than just the passenger seat trims. You may need to replace one or more of the seats themselves. And this may also be true of vehicles you’ve had in your fleet for a while.

Modern passenger seating is very well made and robust. But even the best will need replacing at some point or you may consider adding a new configuration of seating.

Whether replacing, upgrading or adding a new layout you’ll need to find the best new seating for your minibus.

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How to find the best minibus seats

As we mentioned at the top of the page there’s certain criteria you’ll look for when considering which replacement seats you buy:

  • Built to EU standards.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Available in different configurations.
  • Available in different cushion widths.
  • Come with integrated seat belts.
  • Supplied with floor fixing keys.
  • Optional head rests.
  • Choose from high back or semi-high back seats.
  • Suitable for M1, M2 and M3 vehicles.
  • Available quickly and at low cost.

While not an exhaustive list and supplier that can tick all those boxes has to be worth considering when you’re looking for new minibus seats.

The problem is finding such a supplier will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There’ll be plenty who can tick some of the boxes but all? The issue is supplying quality at a value price. It’s hard to find both.

The issue of course is that suppliers have to buy their stock and then put their margin on top. And while that’s traditional economics it doesn’t make the price lower for you. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Miss out the middleman and purchase your new minibus seats directly from the manufacturer. You get the same great quality but at a much lower cost than when buying from a distributor.

New minibus seats from the manufacturer

Alpha Seating are a British manufacturer who have been making high-quality passenger seats for two decades at their Leicestershire workshops. We supply passenger seating in single, double or triple units.

All seats are made to order yet we have an incredibly short lead time. Fast manufacturing combined with our meticulous quality control ensures you will receive your new seating quickly and in perfect order.

We can provide the fixing kits you need along with the trims you want. And if you need a custom solution then just give us a call. As we design and manufacture our own seats, we can meet any requirements you may have.

When you need new minibus seats and whatever the category of your vehicle, call us on 01455 856 816 or use our contact form and we’ll be able to give you an unbeatable quote.

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