Upgrading your Transit Connect rear seats

Adding rear seats to your Transit Connect is a great way to increase the versatility of your van. Already a workhorse adding more seating will increase the number of crew you can ferry to a site increasing efficiency, reducing costs and giving your business a higher return on investment.

The Ford Transit is probably one of the most recognisable van names in the world. It’s the one that springs directly to mind when thinking about a contractors or small business van. But when it comes to finding a diverse, medium-sized van, there is nothing which fits the bill as the Ford Transit Connect.

New kid on the block

The Ford Transit Connect is certainly one of the newer vans in the Ford fleet. The first model, known as the First Generation Connect was built back in 2002 and this model remained much the same until 2013, when it was given the once over.

These first Connects were designed to be a replacement for the car-derived vans that had, up until that point, been based on models like the Fiesta and the Escort. However, this commercial vehicle was not seen as a car-derived van itself.

What kind of van is the Ford Transit Connect?

The Ford Transit Connect is a mid-sized compact panel van. Unlike some other models, this van was designed on a purely commercial platform. Many of the parts are also used on the Ford Focus. While the van was developed and is made in Europe, its popularity meant that, just eight years after its invention, the Connect was shipped to the USA and is used regularly in this country.

There are two main body types for the Ford Transit Connect, there is the double cab in van which provides users with an additional row of seating in the main cab. Behind this, there is a removable bulkhead made from mesh to protect and separate the seating from the load space.

Alternatively, the standard van which features either two or three seats in the cab as well as a full-sized load space.

New rear seats for your Transit Connect

Whether you’re upgrading or installing from new you have a few options when it comes to fitting new seats into your vehicle. Up to three seats can be fitted behind the driver’s seat facing into the rear of the van.

Adding seats will of course drastically reduce the cargo space. However, this can be mitigated in part by opting for tip up seating. This will restore most of the lost cargo space when extra crew aren’t being transported.

Tip up van seats are a convenient way to increase the versatility of your Connect giving you the twin benefits of being able to more crew and of preserving much of the cargo space.

Another option is to consider removable seats. Exactly what it seems, removable seats can be taken out of the vehicle when not required. This means you won’t lose any of the cargo space and when you need to transport more people the seats can be reinstalled.

Of course, the massive downside here is convenience. Installing and removing the seats will be a bit of a pain – especially if you are doing it regularly. But, if you will only occasionally require the seats to be removed, it could be a good solution.

Whatever your thoughts on new seats for your Transit Connect we’re here to help. Just call us on 01455 856 816 or get in touch via our contact form and we’ll be happy to talk through your options with you.

Who uses the Ford Transit Connect?

Based on a purely commercial platform, it comes as little surprise that the Ford Transit Connect attracts a variety of trade users. Everyone from builders and independent contractors will find this van to give them everything they need in terms of business transport.

Why is this such a popular van?

According to WhatCar, the Ford Transit Connect is one of the most popular commercial vans on the market. Ford claims this to be a durable and functional vehicle that still offers supreme comfort in the cab as well as flexible seating options. It’s a popular member of the Ford Transit family.

Moreover, there are other options available including wheelbase size which can increase the available load space up to 3.6m³. This versatility and range of options makes this a viable choice for a whole range of people, demonstrating why it is such a well-loved vehicle.

It is fitted with an efficient Ecoblue diesel engine and comes in both manual and automatic transmissions, further showing off the options you have with this van.

Adding aftermarket seating or upgrading worn factory provided seats will add even more to your van.

Alpha Seating have been manufacturing and supplying van seats to UK business owners and contractors for over twenty years. We manufacture all our seats right here in our Leicestershire workshops. We rigorously check every seat we make and of course all our seating complies with the highest UK and EU standards and guidelines.

We can supply seats for most commercial vehicles and vans. If you need any more info or have any questions we’d be more than happy to talk through your options. Pick up the phone and call us on 01455 856 816 or complete our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

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