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Light Commercial Vehicle Conversions

Whether you own a single van or manage a fleet there usually comes a time when you think about converting or adapting the vehicle. Standard factory vans, purchased new or used, are fantastic vehicles. But they aren’t tailored to your business. Which is why more van owners and operators are discovering the benefits of converting their vehicles.

The van (and your business) becomes more efficient, more profitable and much more cost effective. Its why light commercial vehicle conversions are becoming more commonplace.

It just makes so much good business sense to maximise the use of your van. And it applies just as much to an independent contractor with a single vehicle as it does to businesses which run a large fleet of vans.

What are light commercial vehicle conversions?

Quite simply it’s taking a stock van and adapting it to suit the needs of your particular business. A conversion could be as simple as adding storage or installing new seats or as complicated as fitting out a complete workshop in the cargo area of the vehicle.

There are plenty of companies out there who specialise in conversions. Some will tackle any vehicle while others specialise. You can find workshops which specialise in Ford Transits or the Mercedes Sprinter for example.

Common commercial van conversions

There are virtually no limits on how a van can be converted. At least when it comes to one-off projects. But when it comes to commercial conversions the most popular are:

Van storage solutions

These are by far the most common light commercial vehicle conversion. The efficiency of a van can be dramatically increased by the simple addition of shelving and storage. Tools and equipment can be stored away making them easier to retrieve as well as preventing damage. More can be carried and those frustrating (and costly) trips back to the depot for something you’ve forgotten will be a thing of the past.

It’s incredible what can be squeezed into a van’s cargo space. Storage solutions now border on the genius and contractors can now have fully equipped mobile workshops. If you’re fed up with tools getting lost or turning up at a job only to discover the kit you need is back at home you should think about a storage conversion. Companies like CVA can do amazing things. Give them a call.

Bespoke van conversions

Every conversion is bespoke to some degree. But most will use pre-manufactured units and shelving. Some jobs though will need even more creative thinking and specially built components. If you’re in a specialist industry you may need a more bespoke solution. In this case take time to search for a workshop which has experience of outfitting vehicles in your niche. They are definitely out there. No matter what role you want your van to fulfil there will be a van conversion specialist who can do the job.

Crew cab conversions

Naturally enough here at Alpha Seating we are very familiar with crew cab conversions. Our van seats have been used in countless projects of this type. Adding extra seating is a popular solution for contractors looking to get more crew to a site at one time. A common solution is to install a row of three seats behind the driver. This doubles the capacity of the vehicle. The trade-off is that cargo space is reduced. However, the seats can be removable which massively increases the versatility of the vehicle.

If you’re considering a crew cab conversion make sure you contact us for an informal chat. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best solution for your business. We manufacture high-quality van seats in our Leicestershire workshops and specialise in Ford Transit, Renault Trafic and Mercedes Sprinter conversions.

Welfare vehicle conversions

Firms with crews working on remote sites will often provide a welfare vehicle. The van becomes a mobile staff room and relaxation area. Additional seating, small kitchen and storage helps provide a base for workers when local facilities aren’t available or hard to reach.

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