5 reasons you need new van seat covers

  1. Professional image.
  2. Maintain the value of the vehicle.
  3. Good working environment.
  4. Enforce standards.
  5. Uniform branding.

Every works van takes a lot of punishment. It’s used every day and it’s a working environment after all. It’s an essential part of your business. No van = no work. This is why you spend a lot of time maintaining the vehicle.

But it isn’t just the mechanical side of the van you should take care of. Have you thought about replacing your van seat covers? You may not have done. It’s not usually something which is high on the agenda. Not when you’ve got 1001 other things to worry about.

But they’re some very good reasons why you should think about new van seat covers. And, been the helpful souls we always like to be, we’ve listed the top five reasons below. But first…

Why you probably need to replace the seat covers in your van

As we mentioned earlier every works van takes a lot of punishment. The engine suffers from all the miles clocked up going to and from jobs. The outside of the van takes a hammering from the mad British weather. And mile after mile on the road will wear down the tyres. But think about the cab. Or more specifically the seats.

Every day the seat covers are getting ingrained with the dirt, dust and debris from the job. It comes off work clothes, bags and tools. It works its way into the covers and over time discolours the seats. Not only that but an unmistakable odour will also work its way into the seat covers. But that’s not all.

Stray screwdrivers or other tools will inevitably tear seat covers. And a seat becomes a waste bin for bits of sandwich, crumbs from crisps and flakes of chocolate bars. It’s a works van so that’s expected.

But all that does take its toll on the interior of your vehicle. Especially on the seat covers. And we haven’t even mentioned the inevitable stains from spilt tea, coffee and soft drinks. That’s something you can probably guarantee will happen every day.

All in all, your van seats take an awful lot of hammer. They will look a mess pretty quickly. But why bother to replace them? Here’s why:

New van seat covers present a professional image

Customers or clients don’t usually make a point of checking out the inside of your van. But for the same reason you keep the outside of the vehicle clean and the signage well-maintained you should ensure the inside of the van projects the same professional image.

Image does count in a competitive market. We should be well past the days of work vans being cluttered with newspapers, old sandwich cartons and empty drink cans. Nor should they have torn or dirty seat covers. That doesn’t show your business off in a positive light.

Maintain the value of the vehicle

Part of your fleet management plan may involve selling your vehicles on at some point. Replacing the van seat covers will help the vehicle maximise its value and show potential buyers that it’s been well-maintained and taken care of.

Helps create a good working environment

Your employees spend a lot of time in the van. Replacing worn out and torn seat covers helps create a better environment. No one wants to send time in a van that looks and feels shabby.

Enforces standards

Building on the point above; by making sure the vehicle is in good condition and well maintained you’re showing your employees the standards they need to maintain. It tells them that standards are important. But in appearance as well as in the quality of the work they carry out. Yes, in the grand scheme of things new van seat covers are a very small thing. But they do help to build on the standards you’ve set elsewhere in your business.

Uniform branding

You’ll have the same signage on all your vehicles. You’ll also use the same logo and graphics on your uniforms and paperwork. And you’ll use the same company colours on your website. You do this to keep your branding consistent. You know it makes great business sense to do this. By the same token the interior of your vans should be uniform. Ensure you have the same van seat covers throughout your fleet. Again, just a small element of your business but an important one nonetheless.

When you’re ready to replace your old van seat covers give AlphaSeating a call on 01455 856816. We have replacement van seat covers for all makes of commercial vehicle. You can see the full range here or use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to find your make of van.

For advice or more information on any aspect of van seating don’t hesitate to contact us either through our contact form or by phone on 01455 856816 (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm).

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